Commercial SWD and Bulk-Storage Plans

Regulation 40 CFR 112.8 (Bulk Storage Facilities)

Bulk Storage and Commercial Salt-Water Disposal Facilities are regulated by 40 CFR 112.8, instead of 112.7 like normal production spill plans.  These facilities still need spill plans, but also have more complex inspections and requirements to follow the SPCC Plan.  The tanks at these facilities require Mechanical Integrity Testing (steel tanks) and it's important to know which one is the best.  If you have fiberglass tanks then they would not be subject to this testing.  In fact, if you built your Commercial SWDs with Fiberglass tanks then you could save your company a lot of money at the inspection time.

Tank Integrity Testing and Inspections

There are 2 different options to take when doing inspections for SWDs and Bulk Storage Tanks (steel tanks only).  Spill Plan Reports, Inc. does the API-653 Inspection and the STI-SP001 Inspection.  Because we do so many audits we know that the STI-SP001 is better for Commercial SWD Facilities, because the EPA much prefers this inspection over the API-653.  The STI-SP001 Inspection involves a bit more paperwork, however it is less expensive. If you need inspections done, either API-653 or STI-SP001, then simply contact Scott McGrath 817-542-7294, or your agent, and we can order your inspections.




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