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Bringing your company into full compliance is not just the law, it's good business practice. Most operators would be surprised to know how quick and easy it is to get into compliance. Out-sourcing this work is not only easier and less confusing, but also cheaper in most situations. Because our Field Inspectors and Managers are located in multiple states and areas, we are able to process work quickly and accommodate even the largest of companies.

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Find Frequently Asked Questions Here Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions.

Our catalog price for a spill plan is $850, for most tank batteries, depending on type of plan, size and location.  If you have a centralized unit or large facility with more than 10 tanks or vessels then the price is subject to each location.   Our pricing is more than some companies, and less than others.  However, we help you with audits you receive and update all your plans as needed for 5 years at no additional charge.  If you change tanks two, three or four years down the road then we will update your plan at no charge.

We have been serving clients since 2008 in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado and Kansas.

All of our work is 100% guaranteed to meet federal guidelines and will keep you from getting fined during an audit.  You are guaranteed not to be fined because of our work if you allow us to help you through the audit process.  When laws changes so must your plans.  We make sure your company is up-to-date and you should not be worrying about fines or penalties. 

Yes!  If we do your Annual Field Inspections we can file your Tier II Reports at no additional charge.

Annual field inspections cost $150, usually.  Commercial SWDs are $225.  If you need Bulk-Storage Annual Inspections then that pricing depends on each facility and how it was built.  If you are audited the EPA will require 3 years of Annual Inspections.  The only way to not have to show three years of Annual Inspections to the EPA is if you just drilled a well or you just bought the well.

The EPA audits 8000-10,000 facilities per year. If you receive an audit you will be required to show five things; SPCC Plans, Flowline Contingency Plans, Annual Field Inspecitons (Last 3 Years), Training Documentation and Field Logs, depending on the facility.  If you're worried about getting audited then hire us and let your worries go away. 

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